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December 13, 2010

Construct: to form by assembling or combining parts; build.

"Untitled" from selected new work, Starn Twins

Most photographic images that we see on a daily basis are constructed. Rarely is a candid moment captured in a photo. From the moment a photographer is inspired to shoot an image, he or she begins to construct an image. The design of a model’s poses, the manipulation of the subject/object and its source of light, the corrections made in the editing stages – these steps are often taken during the construction of an image.

"Attracted to Light 1" fts Attracted to Light, Starn Twins

Lately, my photographic inspiration has come from the fantastic collaborative work of the Starn Twins. Doug and Mark Starn’s work is lovely, lyrical and highly constructed. Their work often incorporates each brother’s artistic skills in photography, sculpture, installation, painting and video into one piece. Some of the Starns’ photographic pieces have a very sculptural feel, like their Structure of Thought series, which is something that I am currently trying to accomplish in my own work. I am also very intrigued by the fact that much of their work is done on a very large scale (see: Attracted to Light 1, which is 120 inches x 264 inches), which helps bring to life the forms they capture.

"Structure of Thought 7" fts Structure of Thought, Starn Twins

I personally am excited about this assignment on constructed images. I’m looking forward to seeing the work that everyone produces!

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